Blum Hinges


Blum’s commitment to excellence in design and engineering functionality has made it’s hinges and fittings the first choice for kitchen design. With the declared mission of ‘perfecting motion’ Blum hinges operate effortlessly, opening and closing smoothly with perfect balance. The robust functioning designs, highly engineered components and quality materials give Blum components the ability to withstand heavy usage of a busy kitchen. Blum Blumotion hinges are a revolutionary soft-closing system for concealed hinges. It will work for almost any kitchen door application and does not require any change to the hinge assembly.

BLUMOTION redefines the term “quality of motion”. The system is quick and easy to install and once installed, creates a quiet and effortless closing motion.

Blum Pull Out Systems

Blum Pull Out Systems consist of smooth functioning drawer runners and systems for all types of drawers.

TANDEMBOX: The box system with concealed runners for metal drawers and high fronted pull-outs
TANDEM: The concealed runner system for wooden drawers
METABOX: The economical box system for metal drawers and high fronted pull-outs
STANDARD: The economical runner system for wooden drawers

Blum Lift Systems

Lift systems enable you to lift up fronts providing better access to the interior of kitchen wall cabinets.

Blum lift systems offer high stability, an elegant design and high durability.

The AVENTOS lift systems from Blum:

AVENTOS HF – The bi-fold lift system: Two-part front folds up
AVENTOS HS – The up and over lift system: Single front swings up over the cabinet
AVENTOS HL – The lifting flap: Single front lifts up parallel
AVENTOS HK – The stay lift: Single front swings up